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Aqua One 100W Glass Heater

Aqua One 100W Glass Heater

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The Aqua One 100W Glass Heater. The ultimate solution for maintaining optimal water temperature in your aquarium! Suitable for aquariums up to 100L. 24.5 cm long.

Crafted from high-quality, shatter-resistant glass, the Aqua One 100W Heater offers durability and safety. Its sleek and compact design seamlessly integrates into your aquarium setup, providing efficient heating without compromising aesthetics.

Equipped with advanced thermostat technology, this heater delivers precise temperature control, allowing you to set and maintain the ideal water conditions for your aquatic environment. With a temperature range of 68°F to 93°F (20°C to 34°C), it accommodates a variety of freshwater and marine setups.

Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the included suction cups and adjustable mounting brackets. The heater is fully submersible, ensuring uniform heat distribution throughout the water column.

Reliable, efficient, and user-friendly, the Aqua One 100W Glass Heater is the perfect choice for hobbyists and aquarists seeking top-notch heating that won't break the bank.

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