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Aqua One Brilliance 150 Rectangular 398L Aquarium Set (black)

Aqua One Brilliance 150 Rectangular 398L Aquarium Set (black)

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* ASK US ABOUT DELIVERY AND SETUP * (Christchurch and surrounding areas only)

This aquarium will be ordered in upon purchase

  • Aquarium set comes complete with:
    • Glass tank
    • Cabinet
    • LED lighting with timer
    • UVC canister filter
    • Glass heater
  • LED Light timer allows you to automate daylight and moonlight cycles
  • Resin-coated LED panel for a high level of water resistance
  • Ocellaris modular design provides biological and mechanical filtration, while allowing additional filter media to be added to suit your requirements
  • Glass Heater assists in maintaining correct temperatures by allowing easy and accurate thermostat adjustment

Suitable For: Coldwater & Freshwater Tropical

Product Specifications:

Code: 54110BK
Overall Dimensions: 150W X 50D X 65/75CM H
Glass Thickness: 10MM 
Aquarium Volume: 398L
Filtration: OCELLARIS 14000UVC

Filter Specification:

Code: 94153
Description: OCELLARIS 14000 UVC CANISTER FILTER 14000LH HOSE D16/21
Dimensions: 23.5 X 23.5 X 47CM
Max Aquarium Volume: 250-400L
Filter Volume: 13L

Filter Spare Parts:

  • 25139I - IMPELLER SET 139I
  • 25139W - WOOL 2PK 139W
  • 25139S - SPONGE 15PPI 2PK 139S
  • 25140S- SPONGE 35PPI 2PK 140S
  • 53052 - UV LAMP PL 9W
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