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Eheim Thermocontrol Heater 100w

Eheim Thermocontrol Heater 100w

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Crafted by Eheim, a trusted name in aquatic technology, this heater is designed to provide precise temperature control, ensuring a stable and comfortable environment for your aquatic inhabitants.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Temperature Control: The Eheim Thermocontrol Heater 100w employs advanced technology to deliver accurate and consistent temperature regulation. Maintain the perfect climate for your aquarium, supporting the health and well-being of your fish and plants.

  2. 100 Watts of Power: With a power rating of 100 watts, this heater is suitable for aquariums of varying sizes. Whether you have a smaller tank or a moderately sized setup, the Eheim Thermocontrol Heater ensures efficient heating performance.

  3. Automatic Heating: The heater features an integrated thermostat that automatically adjusts the heating element to achieve and maintain the set temperature. This hands-free functionality allows you to enjoy a worry-free aquarium experience.

  4. Durable and Submersible: Built with durability in mind, the Eheim Thermocontrol Heater is fully submersible for efficient heat distribution throughout the entire aquarium. The robust design ensures longevity and reliable performance.

  5. Temperature Range Indicator: Stay informed about your aquarium's temperature at a glance with the convenient temperature range indicator on the heater. Easily monitor and adjust settings for the optimal conditions.

  6. Easy Installation: Setting up the Eheim Thermocontrol Heater is a straightforward process. The heater includes secure mounting brackets and suction cups for versatile placement within your aquarium.

  7. Safety First: Eheim prioritizes the safety of your aquatic friends. The Thermocontrol Heater features an integrated dry-running protection mechanism and a safety shut-off in case of overheating, providing peace of mind.


Fully submersible
Temperature and shock-resistant glass
Precise temperature control 18-34°
suitable for fresh and marine water
Length : 319mm
Diameter : 36mm
suitable for aquariums up to 150L

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