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Eheim UV Sterilizer Reeflex 350

Eheim UV Sterilizer Reeflex 350

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Fast and effective reduction of micro-organisms in the water
Eliminates torbidity caused by algae or bacteria
Mirror aluminium finish reflects the UV-C light and ensures more efficient sterilisation
No restricted Water Flow
Safe maintenance and cleaning AUTO-OFF

Power : 7w
Aquarium : 80-350L
L/hr Max : 400L
Inlet/Outlet size : 12/16mm
Dimensions : 309mm x 106mmØ

The EHEIM Reeflex UV 350 is a highly effective UV clarifier unit for fresh and marine water aquariums from approx. 80 up to 350 litres. The EHEIM Reeflex UV clarifiers use UV-C radiation to clean aquarium water in fresh and sea water aquariums and are operated in the filter systems water cycle (discharge side) or by using a separate circulation pump (not included). Aquarium water permanently flows through a glass tube and past the UV-C bulb inside the aluminium body. As a result, free-floating algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogens are reduced or eliminated. The EHEIM Reeflex UV clarifiers ensure that aquarium water is clean and crystal-clear, keeping the fish healthy.

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